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We sell online a selection of standard size gates and posts, accessories and BFT gate automation with delivery to UK mainland
Double driveway and pedestrian gates in standard size

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Thin Wall Bolt M10 x 35mm

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Product Details

The Thin Wall Bolt M10 x 35mm is a specific type of bolt designed for securing the bottom wall-mounted hinge onto 100mm or 150mm aluminium posts.

This bolt is specifically crafted for use with thin walls, providing a secure and reliable connection.

The installation process is straightforward: drill a hole into the post, insert the bolt, and tighten the head using an allen key.

The Thin Wall Bolt M10 x 35mm offers a convenient and efficient solution for securely attaching the bottom wall-mounted hinge to aluminium posts, ensuring stability and durability for your application.

Priced for 2 (Pair)

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