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Aluminium Contemporary Gates

Enhance your home's security & style with our extensive range of aluminium driveway and pedestrian gates.

Available in modern and traditional designs, our driveway and pedestrian gates can be automated or manual and are available in both swing and sliding options, ensuring a gate to suit every driveway!

Aluminium contemporary gates are modern and look perfect in most locations and with many styles available theres so much choice to choose from.

All aluminium gate styles are available in pedestrian, equal double, sliding, flat top, curved or wave top and lots of styles are available in unequal or telescopic configurations. Can be manual or automated opening.

Using aluminium gates and fencing you will have many years of very low maintenance usage as they are powder coated in Qualicoat marine grade powder coating and guaranteed for 25 years, with high quality hardware that will stand up to the test of time.



And designed to be installed by a DIYer / competent installer / builder or handyman

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