Contemporary Aluminium Gates Gallery

Aluminium contemporary gates are bespoke made for the customer and very robust and strong to give you many years of no maintenance life and finished using Qualicoat marine grade powder coating for your peace of mind with a 25 year guarantee.

Can be made in many different styles with decorative panels, glass panels or without.

Available in pedestrian, swing equal opening, swing unequal opening, sliding configurations and can be manual or automated.

Can be manual or automated opening.There is also aluminium contemporary fencing to match. 

Many styles available (Over 600), just contact us with your desired design and we will try and match it.

And designed to be installed by a DIYer / competent installer / builder or handyman

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Stamm Sliding Gate
300mm boards with RAL 9006 infilled strip
KLAVEL Aluminium Gate
Available in 3 or 4 horizontal panel designs or styles available, Optional handles shown
Astell Aluminium Gate
Horizontal boarded gate with triangle design
Raz fence and gate
90mm horizontal boards with gaps
ANZER Aluminium gate
Semi boarded with full lower panel
Karantan Pedestrian Gate
Pedestrian aluminium gate 300mm wide boards
DIHUN Aluminium Gate
90mm vertical boarded
DIWAN Aluminium Gate
Diwan in wood effect fully panelled vertical 90mm boards
Litenn Sliding Gate
130mm vented type horizontal boarded
Daguer Double & Pedestrian Gates
Light Oak wood effect
TAL 200mm Horizontal Boards
Available in pedestrian or equal or unequal double swing
Kestenn Gate & RAZ Fencing
Kestenn gates with 90mm RAZ fencing between posts
DISKAR Style Aluminium Gate
Using RAL9006 main body colour and RAL5010 slats
Litenn Equal Double Gate
vented type boards 130mm wide or DENEZ 75mm wide boards
ENEZ wood effect Aluminium Gate
ENEZ Light oak wood effect
Karantan Aluminium Gate
Aluminium sliding gate using 300mm boards
Stamm Double Gate
300mm boards with RAL 9006 infilled strip
Uses 25mm horizontal boards with gaps
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