Contemporary Fencing Gallery

Aluminium contemporary fencing is bespoke made for the customer and very robust and strong to give you many years of no maintenance life and finished using Qualicoat marine grade powder coating for your peace of mind with a 25 year guarantee.

Many styles available, just contact us with your desired design and we will try and match it.

We can supply aluminium perforated panels within the fencing systems and Palisade type fencing.

Fencing, privacy screens, bin compounds, enclosures and more can be made with these easy & quick to install, slot together systems with base or wall mounted or concreted in posts.

And designed to be installed by a DIYer / competent installer / builder or handyman

*NOTE the fencing systems are made to customer plan details, there is no set panel sizes, its made to measure.

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25mm horizontal boards
Litenn or TEV Fencing
130mm Litenn or TEV 255mm wide vented boards
Briz and RAZ
150mm wide fully panelled Briz with RAZ upper with gaps
RAZ Fence & Gate
Aluminium fencing
MAEZ Fence Wall Mounted
Aluminium fencing, Maez with post bases
Bi Colour BRIZ 150mm board fencing
Bi colour can be done in standard factory colours
Tressen Aluminium Fence
Tressen aluminium fence using 90mm x 25mm boards
KARMEN 90mm Boards Aluminium Fence
KARMEN fully boarded fencing using 90mm wide interlocking boards
TELLEN Aluminium Fence
Tellen fencing using 300mm wide boards fully panelled
Aluminium RAZ Fence Partition
Fencing / privacy partition
MAEZ Aluminium Fence
MAEZ Aluminium Fence using 160mm wide boards
MAEZ Fence & Pedestrian Gate
Maez gate & fencing
Aluminium RAZ Bin compound
Bin compound / storage area
Aluminium Privacy Screen
Fully panelled privacy screen
Aluminium Privacy Screen
Privacy screen with gaps
Horizontal Boarded Gate & Fence
Horizontal boarded gate and fence
Briz and RAZ
150mm wide fully panelled Briz with RAZ upper with gaps
HEOL Aluminium Fence
HEOL fencing using vertical 90mm boards RAL 7016
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