Aluminium Gates & Fencing



Using aluminium gates and fencing instead of the the conventional steel or wooden gates gives you the advantages of very low maintenance.
They won't warp, rot or need treating or painting, saving you lots of time and money now and in the future.
Available up to 5000mm opening x 1750mm - 2000mm high dependant on style.


Most styles of gates can be supplied in

Pedestrian, equal double, unequal double or sliding gates

or telescopic opening configurations. Can be manual or automated opening.

Come with standard weather proof hardware, adjustable hinges, euro lock and keys, handles, centre stopper, gate stops or retainers and latch trims on pedestrian gates unless otherwise specified.

Many styles available (Over 600), just contact us with your desired design and we will try and match it.

And designed to be installed by a DIYer / competent installer / builder or handyman.

Gates can be supplied in boarded, semi boarded and fully panelled horizontally or vertically

Click on images to go to that configuration of gate or fencing


KLAVEL Aluminium Gate
In 3 or 4 horizontal boarded, can be manual or automated, pedestrian, double swing of sliding
Litenn Fencing
130mm or 75mm boards vented, gate options available
Anae Sliding & Pedestrian Gate
Anae style in RAL 7005
MAEZ Sliding Gate & Fence
Aluminium Sliding Gate
RAZ Style Gates & Fencing
Aluminium Contemporary Gates
TAL 200mm Horizontal Boards
Pedestrian, equal or unequal swing double
Diskar Aluminium Gate
Aluminium Contemporary Gates
Lambig Aluminium Gate
Aluminium Contemporary Gates with Perforated or Glass Panels
Daguer Aluminium Gate
Wood effect Daguer aluminium gate
Aluminium Contemporary Wave Top Gates
Menez bi colour wood and Black
Aluminium Contemporary Gates In Wood effect or Bi Colour
Contemporary Aluminium Fencing
Traditional Aluminium Gates
Traditional Aluminium Fencing
Pont Aven
Traditional Aluminium Fencing
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