MAEZ Aluminium Gate
Daguer Aluminium Gates
MAEZ Gate & Fence
ANAE Sliding & Pedestrian Gate
ENEZ aluminium gate wood effect
CONFORT Traditional Aluminium Gate
Kesten Aluminium Gate
Locronan Traditional Fencing
Orjal double gate
HEOL Aluminium Fence
Enez + Totem Panel
Enez Aluminium Gate
MAEZ Aluminium Gate
Karantan Aluminium Gate
Lambig Panel in sliding gate
ARK using 150mm boards light Oak wood effect
Karantan Sliding Gate
RAZ Horizontal Board Fence
ROSNOEN Traditional Aluminium Gate
Gwen Aluminium Gate
Briz fencing
MENEZ aluminium pedestrian gate
DREMM Aluminium Gate
Aluminium fence privacy screen
DIWAN Aluminium Gate
Fence partition
Quimper sliding gate with finials
Stella sliding aluminium gate
Quimper aluminium traditional gate
ARGOAT Aluminium Gate
Daguer curved top gate
Leun Aluminium Gate
ANAE Perspex panel gate
Raz Aluminium Gate
MELLAN Aluminium Gate
Kebenn Equal Double Aluminium Gate
Bin compound aluminium
ARK Design Aluminium Gate
DIWAN Aluminium Gate
Poultrenn Aluminium Gate
MAEZ Aluminium Gate
GWEN Aluminium Gate

Low Maintenance Aluminium Gates & Fencing

Suppliers only of low maintenance aluminium gates & fencing supplying to all areas of the UK

for over 18 years at competitive prices. based in Ayrshire, Scotland.
Giving you many years of low maintenance life leaving you to enjoy your purchase for many year to come.


Most styles of gates can be supplied in

Pedestrian, equal double, unequal double or sliding gates

and some styles in unequal or telescopic opening configurations.


Lots of styles gates & fence configurations available, contact us on 07745982048 or via our contact page with details of the style you want and your project details


And designed to be installed by a DIYer / competent installer / builder or handyman

Orjal Equal Double Gate
150mm boards with RAL 9006 infilled strip and matching fencing available
KLAVEL Aluminium Gate
Available in 3 or 4 horizontal panel designs or styles available, Optional handles shown
Astell Aluminium Gate
Horizontal boarded with triangle design
Karantan Aluminium Gate
300mm wide horizontal boards or vertical board version Deiz
RAZ Unequal Double Gate
Ram using 90mm wide boards and gaps
TAL 200mm Wide Horizontal Boards
TAL available in pedestrian or swing gate style
MAEZ Sliding Gate & Fence
Maez 160mm wide boards
Poultreen Aluminium Gate
Single leaf sliding
Daguer Aluminium Gate
Light oak wood effect Daguer aluminium gate
RAZ Fence & Gate
Aluminium RAZ Gate & Fencing using 90mm wide boards
Aluminium Standard Gate Range
Standard Sizes of aluminium gates
Anae Sliding & Pedestrian Gate
Anae Sliding & Pedestrian gate in RAL 7005
Bi Colour BRIZ Aluminium Fencing
BRIZ fully panelled 150mm wide fencing
MAEZ Aluminium Gate
MAEZ Aluminium Gate using 160mm wide boards
Stella Style Gates
90mm wide fully boarded, sliding and ped gate with MAEZ 160mm fencing
Karantan Pedestrian Gate
Aluminium Pedestrian gate vertical or horizontal boarded
Stamm sliding Gate
300mm boards with RAL 9006 infilled strip
Penty Aluminium Gate
Penty style aluminium gate
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Many colours and styles, all gates have matching fencing options, automation &  accessories available

Standard Factory Colours Available For Gates & Fencing